Writing Samples


I lived most of my 30s in the 2010’s. Everything we live is a first time and irreplaceable and the bottom line is there are no do overs– not really, if you think about it. I have been a believer in the art of getting things right the first time around and not looking back if I got them wrong-not even to fix things that are in the past; not for lack of interest in improving but because I am a product of the superstitious belief that a gift or talent should come easy to those who are true (your choice of calling here: artists, teachers, healers, salespeople?). And then I realize that my way of thinking for the last 30 odd years is shaped by what I perceive to be my calling as an artist: a creator or physical or somewhat tangible things that are intended to not be touched by pre-made systems of any kid: society, religion and status quo establishments of any kind. 


I wrote this article in February 2015  while living in Salt Lake City, Utah and asking myself “how am I going to make my move to LA happen?” This story is a reflection of my feelings then, my intense desire to tame the beast I was mesmerized by and intensely fearful of.