An intimate documentary highlighting the challenges and achievements in the life of Brazilian soccer star and “wizard” Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Directors: The Douglas brothers – Andrew and Stuart Douglas

MUSIC HAPPENS HERE (Associate Producer-7 episodes)

Spotify 7 part series follows past and present music life in the most culturally rich cities in the world

Director: Ilse Fernandez

REBEL POPE (Associate Producer)

NatGeo special documents the fascinating early life of one of the most controversial figures of our times: Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Pope Francis

Director: Patrick Reams

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 1.10.11 PM

When Esther Ballestrino seeks Bergoglio for help, he risks his own safety to aid his dear friend. Scene from Rebel Pope on NatGeo TV website:

CRUCES (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor)

A man must go to great lengths to make ends meet.  A film about cars, guns, drug lords and love.

F&MAD Film Festival Selection 2012 & UPC Film Festival Winner 2013

THE GAP (Assistant Director- 3 episodes)

Comcast on Demand The Gap isn’t just about the divide we create between ourselves and the people we love, but about that huge space between who we are and who we thought we’d be.

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