FEBRUARY 9, 2018

I wrote this article in February 2015  while living in Salt Lake City, Utah and asking myself “how am I going to make my move to LA happen?” This story is a reflection of my feelings then, my intense desire to tame the beast I was mesmerized by and intensely fearful of.

When it was finished, I asked the editor not to include my name.  She also changed some of my thoughts – she tamed my words for the Utah audience I suppose. I gave her a pen name I was hesitant to embrace: Aislin Ash. I had my reasons. The editor misunderstood and published it with no name at all.

This magazine was an annual publication that survived two years and I made my mark on both: my face on the first, and my words on the second. I was so afraid of the consequences of my words, I never showed it to anyone. Then #metoo happened and I thought, “good for you” –good for us for speaking out.

I have other chapters to report since moving to Los Angeles. But those stories are still being written.