In Development


Fame and Decadence in America

This 6-part docuseries explores the rise and fall of Alex Jordanov. We will follow the strange events that gravitated in his orbit in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Between 1982 and 1999, the young French-Bulgarian became a major hip-hop character on the West Coast, and then a designer of contemporary art in vogue on the East Coast.

His story will walk us through the origins of rap in Los Angeles, taking place in “The Radio”nightclub,  founded by  A.J. and  Ice-T. Through his lens, we will cross paths with iconic figures, who, at the time, were just trying to make it big in showbiz: Dr. Dre, Matt Groening, Anthony Kiedis, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Bruce Willis, Lyor Cohen, and even Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Director: Ange Basterga (Netflix series Dealer 2021)

macumba: family folklore

A magical realism drama set in Brazil 1960’s

This fantasy drama is a self contained short film proof of concept. When 12-year-old Elisabeth begins to have visions of a magical Afro-Brazilian sacred entity, she overcomes the generational trauma of corporal punishment.

Augusto and Ilza are faithful catholics in a working class family in the south of Brazil. After Augusto starts seeking spiritual protection in the local African religion, saints and rituals, known among catholics as “Macumba”, Ilza takes matters into her own hands.

The movie follows the consequences of Ilza’s attempt to play a trick on Augusto. The stormy Iansã, Saint of rainstorms and thunder, and mirror to the catholic Saint Barbara, begins to visit their daughter in an attempt to make the parents understand who they should be protecting. Featuring Raquel Stüpp as Ilza, Chico Caprario as Augusto, Joana dos Santos as Iansã and Saint Barbara, and presenting Zoê França Danielewicz as Elisabeth.

Language: Portuguese. Filmed in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Written and directed by Aline Andrade